My mind wanders while staying in place, 

filled with everything and then just your face
it yearns to be sheltered, no chance of loss
and always it whispers, is love worth the cost?
i want to run, i want to scream
i want to know that i am free
these wants are futile, i know in my heart
thats why I'm fighting so hard, because it ends with me in the dark
love has not been gentle, it has not been kind, 
then i wonder, what would i discover, if i knew what to find
it is not love i have known, not love i have felt
because what kind of love hangs my soul with a belt 
i will keep looking, i will keep trying 
but don't expect much of me, i have too long been crying
please be gentle, please be kind
i ache to find love, while keeping my mind 


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