A trenchant statement of intent!

By Stanley Collymore


I know who and what I am and likewise what I’ve always

aspired to be, and although there have been occasions

in my life when unforeseen or even conspiratorial

circumstances have cruelly and unfairly

conspired against me to forestall

my deliberately planned and

profoundly cherished

endeavours and the accomplishments which I’d

anticipatorily sought to realize; I’ve always

in response to these unwarrantable actions

approached such challenges with an

open mind, and have never once

allowed them to cloud my

judgement or in any

way, come to that, interfere in, much less threaten

the manner in which I’ve personally sought to

live my life. And consequently I shall never

allow anyone or anything: corporations,

politicians, jobsworth employees –

private or state sector – the state’s

Orwellian apparatuses or

individuals, for that

matter, to ever

change that!


© Stanley V. Collymore

19 November 2014.



The contents of this poem constitute a solemn and irreversible pledge to myself!


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