Trouble Me Not


Young lovers at night lying in beds

Apart yet together with the thoughts in their heads

Smiles, sighs, and squinted eyes

Wishing beside them the other would lie


Running around the playground, young girls

Troublesome boys always tugging their curls

Forgotten balloons sent into the skies

Their future before them still a surprise


Wild creatures tending their young

In silence broken as the crickets all sung

Till morning light, held close by a mother

Her child more important to her than any other


A baby unleashes its first wailing cry

The most beautiful thing to their parent’s teary eyes

Each breath taken yet another blessing

The fragile skin they can’t help caressing


Love at first sight between a kid and a pet

Their lives forever made for the better the day they first met

Paws happily placed in little hands

Their bond held together by the strongest of bands


Tiny green sprouts from the dark brown earth

Gently tended, from human hands it was birthed

Its scent now subtle will one day be sweet

Once grown it will be admired across the street


Quiet hushed around the woods

Makes one consider staying forever if they could

A serenity there only capable by nature

Every arrival like greeting a stranger


Someone lost in love stares at their other

Caught in the act they smile at one another

Though many years they’ve been united

Still their love is bright as though newly ignited


This is some of the beauty we sometimes forget

Absorbed in life’s troubles we waste time upset

Relax your mind, settle and ease

And remember life’s little beauties





Wow! This made me feel better... Well written. I love the concept, we should always find the beauty in everyday life. Great job! If you don't mind, check some of mine out and give me some pointers?


Of course! I'd love to. Thank you so much for the feedback it means a lot :)


I really like this , for some reason it reminds me of a happy chops from perks of being a wallflower.


Thank you so much! That's such a big compliment because I love that book!

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