True Beauty

When asked to give a description myself I never know what to put. Am I the sum of the challenges I have overcome? Am I just the equivalent of the times I have failed? Does my social class mark my identity? Am I just a genetic code, the mixture of my mother’s genes and my father’s? Am I the woman I may one day become or the child I once was? Am I both? I believe I am a good person but doesn't everybody? What makes a person good or bad? Who decides what is right or wrong? What makes up all so judgmental? What makes me any different from you? Is it the words I say or the songs you sing? Is it the way he cries or how she laughs? Is it everything? Is it nothing? What makes her important or him a waste of space? Are we not all just trying to be happy and loved? The definition of a person is much broader than any words can explain a person is too beautiful a thing. Go look in the mirror you were never ugly the world just could not handle your beauty. 


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