trust was the start


We started to argue and then it got worse ,we started to converse and I tried to make it better, whether it was truth be told or me talking from my soul she knew me to be happy, the day we got together  we were dangerously in love, it was innocent and pure as a dove, I told her the truth and it was when we said that trust wasn't there was despair, it was then that I started to write, I have words running through my mind and I took it as a sign, so I pressed my screen and my pecking turned in to words, passion and pain rolling across the screen, not speaking not thinking, just going not knowing what to do so I let my finger go and say, this is how I spent my day, writing my feeling on this electronic board, that was my start as a poet. it came so fast and so unexpected, i cant believe this feeling came before and it was rejected, but I'm lucky I accepted. 


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