The Truth about Love

Love is everything,

Love is beautiful,

Love is all, for most. 

For the unfortunate, love is gone

I am a victim, 

There are many factors to have and hold someone,

These are essaintal,

Trust, he didnt trust her.

Communication, he didnt say a word to her.

Honesty, he lied to her.

Love, he said he loved her.

I am a victim.

She didnt open her eyes to his lies,

She didnt pay attention to the warning until it came that morning,

He showed up, he got mad, 

From then on she knew everything was going to go bad,

Love is supposed to be bautiful, right?

She wants a protector, she wants a provider,

She wants someone beautiful,

not maipulative, not misleading,

She fell for the devil himself,

He's cheating,

He beats her, but they're never going to break up.

Because when her eyes are black and blue she covers them with makeup,

C'mon baby, look, your beautiful,

you need to wake up. 

Love is everything,

Love is beautiful,

Love is all. 




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