The #Truth behind #Flawless


What does it mean?
when the pictures we post with it are so obscene.
We use filters to alter our faces
and then when there isn't even traces of our true self to be seen
we comment #Flawless
to feel redeemed.
Our friends and family skew comments 
to make us feel satisfactory
But what if they knew the truth behind that pic? 
would they be quick to use flattery?
or just use assault and battery?
We fear the unknown
of what they might say 
so we shy away and comment #Flawless
to hide out dismay
with a great, rumbling roar
How could I hold myself up to such a standard
when I know I'll be beaten and slandered
I can not act like someone I'm not
So let the world know I can not be stopped


I'm #ugly #blemished


but I know in my heart I'm #loved #accomplished



I will not be tied down by society 

but I will raise up without anxiety 

for who I am

without giving a damn.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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