I grew envious of them // Because you weren’t here // I couldn’t be akin to them without you // Why did God decide to take you? // Why not one of the others? // He could have had me // I stopped believing in God when he took you away // We could have done so many things // But you were gone // You flew away // Why didn’t you take me? // Did you hate me so much? // Was it my fault? // I thought that for years and still do // I tried praying even though there was no God to pray to // I was wishing to see you in my dreams // You never walked out from the darkness // I even wished for you to be reincarnated then I could see you // I wouldn’t have to feel the pain of guilt that rests in my body // As I watch these people cross my path // I can’t help but think, “It’s unfair. They are together, but we are not” // But that’s the thing, it is unfair // It doesn’t make sense // As I rake through my thoughts wondering all the possible reasons // None come up why you flew away // Thinking about you hurts // Whenever I’m happy my thoughts veer off path // I cry out // That won’t do much because no one ever hears me // It’s tiring // I just need you by my side 

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