Like Two Doomed Ships 

Like two doomed ships that pass in a nasty storm 
We had crossed each other's way : 
I’m strong with no hope at all but a  look, on a familiar face 
With so much heartaches . 
We made no sign of love but hate in hast of this storm  
That came so strong who could have known it was going to be strong ! 
In a crowded room, in an empty place you looked at me and I looked 
Back at you with a look of confused of what we must do . 
I’m a sinner without, a prayer you are the storm and I am the rain 
I am running without a game to play . 
I am running fast, but getting nowhere you see you are looking at me . 
I’m before, I’m after you, 
My life can get so cold , you wouldn't want to hold. 
Your watching me, I am watching you , 
We made no sign of a kind word Of a me and you , 
For we did not meet in the holy name , 
But in a storm of much pain with lot's of rain . 
I am not lame, cause I know I was made to love . 
I’m the one with the most cut's look at both of us , 
You are the least on my mind without hope who will wine this fight ! 
I’m praying for this storm to end and our hearts to mend . 
I'm falling behind asking Jehovah God to step on board and take the wheel 
To stop this nasty storm that we both gave in a heat wave . 
Then Love came to save our day in a loving way . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Very well expressed! 


you're an awesome lilly, i admire your work.

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