Ultimate Death

It is no joke you’re bound here.
You’re time is running out.
The final pages draw near.
And you are filled with doubt.

Terror grips your chest.
Your breathing slows.
It’s coldness all around you.
No one there to shout.

It’s painless in the end.
Quiet as a mouse.
Yet suddenly you can’t move.
And you see yourself.

Realization hits.
What have you done?
It’s too late.
There’s no turning back now.

Still you move on.
Breathing returns.
You can move your fingers again.
But, you’re not the same.

A part of you is gone.
All of you is changed.
These don’t feel like your toes.
Still, you can’t say a word.

Gradually, function begins again.
You relearn to walk.
Relearn to talk.
You can feed yourself.

Something is missing.
Something is gone.
Finding it consumes you.
There is no moving on.

Your friends are gone,
You find new ones in a new place.
Again, you ach for those who knew you.
For those you knew.

Time passes on.
You act normal.
But acting destroys you;
Carries you to sleep at night.

After waiting long.
Your old life returns.
It was incomplete.
Now it’s here to serve.

Your friends are back
With new lines.
Their adventure goes on
With you inside.

Until it all begins again.

The final pages draw near.
Terror grips your chest.
Your breathing slows.
Suddenly, you can’t move.

You lay in bed
Life gripped to your chest
As you know there’s no more.
This is the ultimate death.

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