Unconventional Gospel


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colorful phrases
of never having reached manhood
bass notes lost no soul
loud laughter carried
on a gay boy’s shoulder
it’s not fun it’s not funny
the shame and hatred seen in the twist in his walk
don’t look at me like that don’t tell his parents
he’s riding on barebacked unicorns & porn

this must be the closet
another door with no key
walls no windows
unseen tears
& self righteous solos

are we sick?
children of the devil ?
scums ?

shh… don’t come out to nobody
are we queens? tops? bottoms?

i cant hear anything
but the gnashing of teeth in hell
& the backlash of the christian community
& you promised me…
you promised me somebody anybody
show this lost rejected little boy some love
bring him out to accept himself
to be accepted
but love him unconditionally
uncontrollably unwillingly
love his abilities
he’s been closed up so long
hard and cold so long
he doesn’t know the power
of his angelic personality
his infinite imagination
he’s slowly dying
without help no guidance
love his pain
love his struggle & shortcomings
love an unconventional gospel
let him live
& be free of all judgment.

& this is for twinks, sissies, suspects, anal dairy fairies, &
homos who have not and never will consider suicide because
they are too busy coloring their own rainbows

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