Under Another Sun

It's taken me a while

to sit down at this keyboard

So many sunrises

so many nights

My best friend

on fire in a little glass tube

I inhale the fumes

let the feelings go

and the good times roll

over the meadow

and through the woods

I knock on the door

Nobody's home

What happened to frisbee

in the park on hot days?

Standing in the ocean

Surfing the waves?

One winter later

and I still can't decide

whether life would be better

if I wasn't alive

But I don't understand

I can't comprehend

Where have you gone,

my sweet summer friend?

It used to be warm here,

a house full of love

and then you asked questions

and dropped like a dove

Onto the highway

Screeching car horns

Making a mess of a girl I adored.

Some time's finally passed

I've learned not to ask

Why to go on

into the darkness

and cold winter sky

I'm my own reason

It's better that way

So I have the same sun

under a blank sky of gray

Another year older

and what have I done?

Have I spent my time wisely?

Or at least had some fun?

I certainly hope so.

I'd hate to face the sun

from the same angle

and still be the little boy

I was a year ago.

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