UnFriend Me

Accepted your kind and opening offer to share myself with you,

however you gave little of you and took all of me.

How selfish now that I see what you have done,

it’s not about the tricky games you wanted to play.

Wrong doing will get you so far in life,

hurt people spread their own pain to others.

Knew the faults and flaws that came with this relationship,

put my heart on my sleeve not knowing the risk.

Kiss my love goodbye, which I’m sure is easy for you to do anyway,

Not once have I lied to you with that evil grin.

Blown to the face with all the bull you held up,

This was my fault in the end I accepted the offer of pain.

Now you are unaware of the hurt and damage that has been down,

I’ll never find another buddy like you but maybe that’s a good thing.

No written goodbye’s or hello’s just ignores of my existence.

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