Union and Separation

Remember back to how rules and laws are made to be fair?

Right now, we live in the nightmares of our own rights being taken away.

Everyone in this country is made to be divers and respectful.

Now we’re drawing each other apart.

We work hard to support ourselves and our family.

But Bills and Care are making more people to lose the opportunity to survive.

We follow people who listens to the people and their needs.

Now they’re only attention is how to make more money.

Speaking out was made to share to those who are concern to an important matter.

Now our voices of concerns have been silenced.

Communities that helped and protected were there to help those who needed.

Now they are ignored because of their status.

We’ve cared about the effects of the environment which could affect everyone’s life.

Now the protection of the environment is removed and replaced with more pollution and very harmful chemicals.

Justice has been on the people’s side for many situations.

Now we people have noticed people who deserved justice getting away from the crime.



What makes the difference between working together as a country instead of destroying it and tearing us apart. These choices and actions can never be forgotten through history because doing the wrong could potentially lose a life of our own people. So I ask you, what really makes “The United States of America Great again?”

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My country
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