Unmasking Me: The girl behind the Mask


Opening my eyes I see the dept of world;

A little girl stuck in a throing of flies.

Flies who are too blind to see the tears in my eyes, 

Laughing to lies.

I sit blending in because of my color, yet I stand out screaming in their silence.

My body is a bottle overflowing, like a ticking time bomd,

I burst,

Shatter, scrambling to pick up the pieces

The pices of beauty too shy covered by a shadow just to be ordinary. 

Flowers blossoming in the one bit of positivy that exist in the world flies.

Flies who tied this fake smile against my cheeks to hide their jealously.

I am that light glowing under the door.

An escape to a smile ony witnessed by a passing butterfly in my dreams.

Thus, my screams are heard beyond the flies 

And I can see the shimmer in my eyes.

I have ridded the invisible ink on my clean slate. 



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