Unpolished Puppet

Walking into class, I will not say a word.

Blind glances, mute snickers, and invisible smiles fill the void. I am

aware of many things.


I laugh in a closed circle; my

friends and I play games only we understand and they

are the only ones who know precisely how I feel.

I am ordinarily quiet.

Completing work behind the major scene of a film, a

background piece often ignored but proved to be significant later on, is exactly what I am. I

never like being the center of attention unless I am getting praised.


Studious, paid attention to detail, stretching to meet everyone's expectations -

sooner or later you learn not to care.

Gladly, I will be me and say "Fuck you!" to high goals others set for me but could never achieve for themselves;

I broke free of their strings.


So never again shall I be remodeled by society's social norms, an expectancy for perfection;

I have my flaws that cannot be edited out to produce a final draft.

My imperfections make me perfect

and no amount of tuch ups nor repairs could replicate such an affect.



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