"Can you spell o-b-s-o-l-e-t-e with no soles for your feet, no soul for my sister's keeper, hearts all over the world answered by a beeper, voicwemail no call back, just want a feature, been up in the bleachers with nosebleed , think I'm reaching, what we learn without a teacher,all studens, who's intuition we believe in, all in debt with Mr and Mrs Tuition, some just fish scale into the river, just want to cut the deficit but too much in my mind with my crazy head, ass attached , thoughts NYC marathon from sleep to sunrise, grab me bagel , no key for these chains tied, wish I could rearrange the world, but only knowing one language, a benefit to no man, woman or child, just blackened lungs milds, like my world Juicy and life Spicy, use to be nice before, but they got me spinning wheels , turning heels, no suspension, no plan, might as well bench em, but I'm a starter for starters, one bad line collapse this whole song, could go all night long sitting on the moon, sun smiling at me, finally at ease till a fatal interruption, now I can say something, speak just to be unique, so antiquated, glad we made it this far, no drum roll, no instrumental, no guitar, admire from afar, up close all looking senile, far sighted, just breate another day, open them eyelids, need a plane with a co-pilot to run the extra Boston marathon mileage before I bomb out, but calm, only metaphorically and lyrically, now this the end of my speech, no applause, just head scratch, stage dive to a cliff hanger, no look pass chain letter Ray Charles"

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Newborn Leader

I liked reading this :-)

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