Unrequited, in Every Way

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 17:01 -- Braden

I’m soaring, looking, watching out behind.

I’m flying, falling, to the flower. Here.

Just wanting, wishing, that I’ll see you near.

A flower like this, again, I won’t find.

As beautiful as dew-drops in the spring,

She radiates light brighter than the sun,

Her smiles are screaming, “Hello evr’y one!”

You are the wind that flows beneath my wing.

Your beauty is one that you cannot slight.

Your smile’s worth more than anything that’s gold.

It’s happier than all the songs of old.

The sun is jealous of all of your light.

To know I won’t have you brings in the cold.

But to you I see that my heart says sold.               


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