Stand up





Unsure if I"m being used.....

Unsure If I'm being used to copy answers and homework from

Not sure if my use is needed unless you need advice

Maybe I'm only used  just to better your image

But maybe I'm used to fuflill the gap in your heart

Maybe I'm used to give you hope 

Or maybe Im used because you see something so special in me that can't  be found elsewhere


Unsure If I'll neglect....

What If I can't forget the past?

What if I cant forget the pain you caused me?

What if your neglect wasn't because of my mother, but it was because of me?

But what if i forgive the past and be happy?

What if I can shadow the pain with love and kindness? 

What if I love everyone so noone has to feel my suffering?


Unsure If I'll stand up...

unsure if I'll get suspended

Unsure if my mom will disown me 

Unsure what my friends will think

But what if I change the environment around me?

What if my mom accepts me and loves me for who I am?

If I stand up, someone could hear me and we could stand together


Unsure if I'll Unwind








Unsure If I can Resolve...

I dont' want  to settle

I want them to feel what I felt 

I'm not ready to forgive

It's better to have something rather than nothing

Don't fight fire with fire

Do it before it's to late


 I will evolve

I will strive to be great

I will learn from my mistakes

I will live life to its fullest

I will love always 

I will never judge

I will no longer be UNSURE 






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