Until You Can Save Yourself

Do you ever feel you're spread too thin?

You see blue veins superficial to your skin.

As you cleanch your fists and lock your jaw,

You can't help but feel defeated.


So take a breath and ease your mind,

Imagine your greatest hell.

Push those thoughts there,

Lock the door,

Darling, you're doing fine.


I see you doubting logic and reason,

When you look in the mirror, winter's your only season.

You're cold and harsh and cruel to your mind,

So turn on the melodies that to you, are so kind.

Let the music carry you away,

To another time,

To another day.


Let the music surround your soul,

Reminding yourself what it's like to feel whole.

Let the music be the strength that you yean for.

Let the music save you, 

Until you alone, can save yourself.


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