The Unveiling of the Unfortunate Events That Led Me to Peace.

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 13:35 -- jsika27


Once upon a time, my mother's words would enlighten me.

Now life's obstacles frighten me

I pray to the skies hoping that these evil spirits could be harnessed

and my soul could escape this never ending darkness

because my anxiety never seems to cease

and cuts only physically ease

and drugs only bring temporary peace.


To think this all started with a left touch,

which led my depression right in.

I was only a child

why would he want so much,

these thoughts bring me back

to the nightmares.

I was raised with hurt,

not stories of turtles and hares

cruelty to children could never be debated as fair

as he rubs, 

and I lay there.




arrest that man

and return my kindled treasure

as I am broken for another's sole purpose of twisted pleasure

and I left soul-less,

like the feet of Burma's children with nothing to feed on but



"But BREATHE Jess.

You'll make it through the night my child...

You're blessed"

I hear His voice express


"But Father God,

it hurts to know that wicked men could walk your earth

and breathe your air

while leaving defenseless children with so much pain and despair"


The sky replied that wicked men are waxless candles

with a baseless fire that will never shine --- 

Not even dwindle


But my star...

MY star

It will forever rekindle


So I look to the mirror and bow graciously,

Cause I

and I alone

Have learned to live with such an ugly scar gracefully


And to those I've hurt along the way,

I apologize whole-heartedly,

understand that hurt was always a part of me.

But I’m ready to make it part from me. 



On the count of infinity,

let us all gain the faith to leap

To open up our curtains and let the Heavens see

all the beautiful scars that mark us down to our feet

Rejoice with the audience and bathe in freedom 

and peace

As we stand united like abundant bunches of wheat,

With the collective knowledge that it is no longer I,

but we

No longer actors behind a veil,

but the promised and blessed meek 


~ Or at least let the skies take a peek ~


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