An Unwanted Seduction


I'm your smallest addiction,

an unwanted seduction,

a sting seeping quickly to 

the heart.

I start with a murmur and

progress to an explosion 

as my grasp constricts your mind.

As I emerge through the rubble,

I feel your breathing.

Your silent beating sets you apart.

So when the smokes invades you

and your lungs can't help but

fall, too,

I grab your hand as a start.

Don't bother saying you need me

that's the weakness I feed on.

I can't help but stand tall

as you crumble at my finger tips.

You call me an angel,

a mystic spirit,

a sign from God you have been saved.

Look again as you recover

from my madness;

the mask has been dropped to discard.

You gasp from the vision,

your solid reflection 

as you pull the dagger from your heart.

You thought I was beside you

but just merely inside you,

I dance silently in your eyes.  

Fooled by your feelings,

I chase through your memories.

Your brain, who's misguidance, 

has been your villain all along.

Clawing at your forehead,

you scream out for mercy

while I slowly creep

back to your heart. 




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