Vanishing Point

I want to be like the horizon.

So breathtaking and inexplicable,

Possessing the ability to make a grown man fall silent

And yet so easily lost between heaven and earth.


You once told me that you were afraid of the dark,

Not because of the dangers that could lie hidden,

But because of the beauty no longer able to be seen.

And I cried for two hours because you forgot

That beauty doesn’t need the light to shine.


I will never forgive myself for believing

That beauty would always be intangible.

I didn’t realize that the murmurs I felt in my chest

Every time I touched your face

Was beauty itself surging through my fingertips.


You were the picture-perfect sunset

To my invisible horizon.

I was so busy trying to lose myself in the world

That I forgot beauty could also be lost.

And as you crossed the wispy line of my being

I realized that I was afraid of the dark too.


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