Veni Vidi Vici

Life came without a heart this year

And Death came greedy

Vengence came with pride 

And racism came needy


Prejudice found a cozy home

In the white house of D.C. 

And an orange bigot

Put his hands on my pussy


Friends broken cause of politics

and some gained 

where the silence breaks

there is something I can't explain


My mind has grown

and so has my patience

because I am broke and working

I sure didn't prepare for this


I embraced my feminity with open arms

and my sexuality as well

I have not defined either

and it feels swell


I have existed 

for one turn around the sun

And it has felt like an eternity

My memories are fading

like an old lady


I have never hated a year

almost like 2016

I bet you thought i was going to end this poem 

all nice and poetic

but i'm not

cause 2016 can suck it. 



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