The Venomous Poem


This venom stung me so deep that all I see is a blurred vision,

The random feel of a pain so strong that all I fear is getting burned.

You painted the black canvas in a dessert filled with sorrow,

You splashed it with colors, a never ending flow.

As the veins suffered from the adrenaline rush by the killer bite,

My heart was slain too much to be mend crush me 'til I'm out of sight.

This is a poetry of a misery life that ends with a tragedy,

This is a rhythmic harmony with an understandable foolery of a lady;

Viciously seeking for a shelter in life and hereafter,

Having a joker with a knife to see me falter.

Here I seek for a witness to counter a doubtful atmosphere,

Where the judge will bless a mother to wonderful tears.

Is the world filled with faith or does it need justice?

Unnecessary planned death can be stopped through peace.

So excuse me as I spit some blood out,

'Cause my heartbeat just started to burst out loud.



Written By:

Tha Black Cat

01:36 am


November 13th 2013.


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