"peace be with you"

Those were Jesus last words for you

Think about this

Jesus died on the cross

Ndio me and you to make through

I remember 10 years ago in kenya venye majirani walishikiana panga

Kwasababu ya story ilikua kwenye runinga

what followed was sreems kwenye anga

hio ndio time nikifungua runinga

nikiexpect ben ten na pata story ya matanga

Hio ndio time kenya ilikua no mans land

The green land was red land coz it was filled with blood

Citizens tulikua blind

Coz solutions, hatungeweza kufind

I Know when i say this there those that i hurt

but yake hurt

dont fall apart

Coz most of our friends walidepart

through violence

to those who dont know know violence,

its writing a death sentence

without judges

Don't worry if you like violence

coz what we will  do issing you derges in silence

not that we are mourning you

but we are mourning the people

whom you disowned the rights of owning life

make your choice

do you want people to rejoice on you demise ?

if no

Then arise before sunrise

and campaign for a peace prize

Ten years later

its all better

lets make it greater

coz violence has become bitter

like  stepping on a water heater

that is on power


War zone..

its all gone

lets  think about the future that is upon...

this tribulation

What i mean is

Lets guide  this generation

in this mission

Coz it is the future nation

"Remember you cant leave alone coz one day u'll need a loan"


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My country
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