Vote for me

Slipping fast on a winding road
All your years of experience driving
All the years of our country thriving
Fall fast away
When a patch of ice is hit
When all you have is a stoney grip on a useless wheel
Suddenly God becomes very real
And you pray
And I pray
But it's not up to me
Whether or not we
Live or we die
Sometimes our car is going to slide
Sometimes the wheel feels much too useless
But that doesn't mean we should never use it
Oor foist it away on one who'll abuse it

I can't vote yet,
My opinion is just chatter
But we invented the vote so that your vote would matter
Don't show up to the polls,
That's your political right
You can hand off the wheel
But you hand off your right
And people who didn't vote are still going to fight
You can see Devastation
In places where there is no representation
The system is not broken it's just our approach
If you want to change the world go out and vote
Forty percent of the voters refused to make their mark
To me the answer to the problems is stark
Don't vote for yourself
Don't vote for your party
Don't vote because the slippery slope keeps on calling
Vote for me
And everyone else who can't

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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