wages of sin

romans 6:23

for the wages of sin is death, but the greatest gift of God is eternal life from Jesus Christ, Our Lord

not the kind of gift that will help buy your way to Heaven

He gets to choose who He wants to go to the Highest Place with Him

we all have that dark side that dwells deep from within

we need to release the demons that torments us from being righteous

if we try to do it ourselves, we'll always come up small

Holy Spirit is God's reassurance that unravels the asinine that comes out of our mouths

dismantile destruction that weakens our soul

we need The Lord to strenghten us 

mistakes is a part of our shortcomings

malicious acts that ignites hatred to harm others will lead to sin

be careful on the grave you dig for somebody

because you can easily fall in that grave yourself

all the bad things we did, the world and Jesus interpret the word forget differently

while He forgives and forget

people in the world forgive, but won't forget

with all the anarchy of this country's dysfunctions

we are still not getting it

we continue to kill each other in our streets

robbed a person's belongings, and steal away one's joy.

you are still a slave to sin

when you ask The Lord for forgiveness, you are set free from sin

and becomes slaves of God, the benefit of reap leads to holiness, and the result is etenal life

Romans 6:22 states

so i ask this question

would you rather be a slave to God that reaps freedom or a slave to slavemonsters that reaps imprisonment?



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My country
Our world
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I Define Nice

Mr. MVP has one of the rarest qualities in all literature, and it’s a great shame that the word for it has been thoroughly debased by the cosmetic racketeers, so that one is almost ashamed to use it to describe a real distinction. Nevertheless, the word is charm — charm as Keats would have used it. Who else has it today? It’s not a matter of pretty writing or clear style. It’s a kind of subdued magic, controlled and exquisite, the sort of thing you get from good string quartettes.

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ValanThia VV

Got chills ... only the truth shall set one free... thank you

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the truth will always set you free

its about being strong and humble

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I LOVED THIS! I feel like all I need to say is Amen, you’re writing skills are a gift from god and I hope someday I’ll be able to write this well and with this much heart in every word. Thank you for the beautiful piece!

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