Waiting For My Saving

What happens when God himself falls from heaven?

When the heavenly grace is stripped?

Who is to tell you the he isn't more than man?

Because to me..

To me..

To me he is no more than the highest of high class.

For no man can resist the greatest of temptations..

God himself must CRAVE something,

Some form of desire,

See... God's green earth can be a tad bit messed up.

Nothing is green in a concrete jungle where there lives no lions, or horses, or rams.

You know.. This place should be called Suburbia,

There is nothing more than remains of a Paradise now lost in the decay of rotting Utopia, An ancient Matrapolis if you will.

Emotions effect everyone...

God created man in his own image so he too MUST feel the worst and best of feelings..

The highs and lows of his creations.

When God has this mighty all unto humanity, His eyes will open to the hell that earth has become... This concrete jungle where dreams are stripped from their wings...

Where night has never turned into day.

Being one with humanity even HIS soul will be tarnished,

His white suite will no longer glow with innocence.

No... You know.. As of late, my emotions have been raging,

Maybe, just maybe by some sacred strand of faith...

I stand here...

Waiting for him to save me.


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