Walking By

I feel their stares,

Hear their whistles,

And see their crude gestures

As they mock me walking by.


I feel their punches,

Hear their snide remarks,

And see their laughter

As they threaten me walking by.


I whisper to myself,

They can’t touch me.

Hoping it’s true, there are witnesses everywhere,

But truly I know, that they don’t care.


I whisper to myself,

Be strong.

Hoping I don’t shed a tear, giving in to more ridicule,

But really I know, that it won’t help.


As I pass their group in the street, everyday,

I wish I were invisible, wishing to be hidden from their torture.

It doesn’t matter what I wear, or who I’m with,

They all stop to stare as I walk by.

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Wow, another really powerful poem! Unfortunately, some people never think of how their actions hurt other people. I am sorry to hear that you are being treated this way;no one deserves that. I am also sorry to hear that no one has stepped in. I know it is discouraging, but don't think it is because no one cares. They are all probably just as scared as you are.

Great poem! You really are a talented writer and you poems drive the message home. Keep writing. :)



This comment really put a smile on my face. I think I readd three times before responding. I love your encouragement, it means a lot to me. 

Thank you for reaching out to me. :D


Stay still
Be still
Anger helps
Be strong
Be brave
Weakness attracts
Courage stops
Courage kills
Courage works
Stand still
Stand up
Speak up
Silence kills

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