Walking out of the comfortably content cottage

You can smell the fresh water, wind breeze

Your hair wavy from the cool breeze and blue water

Tan skin from being in the sun all day

Every burden or struggle seems to just lift off your chest

Like a baby bird learning to fly

A toddler taking its first steps

All of your worries


Just seems to blow away into thin air

If only it was that easy

Except for that particular moment in time

It was

This is the place where you see what life is really about

Living wild and free

Adventuring, making memories never to be forgotten

This is the place where happiness takes control

To be as calm as the waves on a windless day

Never does a smile fade from someone’s face

 These broad feelings that occur in someone

Is a sign that this place

Is the home to your heart

If you are someone who’s heart feels like it’s missing a piece

Go find its home.

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Our world
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