Is the world spinning out of control or am I just paranoid

Fighting and kicking and screaming, not getting any closer though

This battle is tragic- is fading fast falling to the floor

Surrender, take cover there’s no hope here anymore


This isn’t me- this will never be my way

I will write myself out of this war into a brighter day

So when I’m standing upright I can finally say- to you

I am not afraid


Don’t mistake my quivering for cowardice

If bravery is standing despite fear-Than I’m the bravest

Living despite anxiety

Moving forward though nerves fight me

Freeing and seeing the frightened until you too believe


Maybe oppression will never truly be gone

And our work on this earth will never completely be done

But I’m not content to see us blast away what’s left of love

Because were afraid and every voice screams at us to run





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