The Way I Think

I mean I realize when I'm writing that it's really good,
but sometimes the way I think is the
biggest question when I'm doing my pieces of work.
Maybe it's because instead of thinking inside the box or outside of it,
I think of the box as a component; as a tool that belongs to a bigger picture.
I see pass the limitations of what thoughts are,
I express myself when I need to instead of waiting to be exposed to things.
I used my blank canvas as my battle grounds,
as a way to obliterate my emotions or my thoughts
and to question reality and how I view it.
The biggest thing to being good is to actually write what your thinking and
to not think about what someone will say.
I'm a painting hanging in a gallery as everyone stares and wonders what I am.
They question the painter, the artist who drew me,
who painted me, who thought of me,
who made me an creation of his emotions and fears,
his guilt, his pain, and his dreams.
I'm not the pen or the paper, I'm the canvas.
This is also another way of thinking inside of the box and out of it.
The paper is the box and the pen is the outside
questions that linger on the paper trying to get in.
Yet I'm the table that holds the pen and the paper up.
This could help you if you think like this when u write.



I like this it makes me think of writing in a whole new way. Thanks!

Mafi Grey

You say thank you to me, but I'm the one who should be thanking you. See I wouldn't write unless I had something to say, something that needed to be said or something to get off my chest. If there weren't people like you to read and comment, I wouldn't know if I was being heard. If I was actually being seen, I would just be a thought in the shadows. Sometimes I just walk out and find a peaceful spot or some place that is over looked and I sit there and wonder if things where different and why they are that way; rarely do I just accept things for what they are. Sometimes you have to make something beautiful before someone actually notices it. it's like a girl saying she's not pretty and you tell her she is, then she starts to be beautiful and everyone wants her; yet they wonder why didn't they see her before or like a libarian who lets her hair down and now she's all of studden atrractive. It's just the way to views things and trust me I don't view things like normal people. I'm special and I might want to even call it a gift but I always that things that is out of place, that thing in a picture that actually makes you see what it really is when they see that it not perfect. I grow up with artists and all types of crazy people and seen so much. But I always know it's rarely to see a painter paint their ideas and actually capture it the first time. So when I write I'm never perfect but when their's people like you who notices me among all the people here, it shows me that perfect isn't the best thing. It's like walking down he street and everthing is great and you see that old abandoned house and broken glass with grass everywhere, you notice the mistakes, the unperfect objects, so I rather be notice than be perfect. So when people comment I keep reading my poem over and over until I see that it's perfect. See when I write it, it's never perfect to me but when you read it and understand it; my expectations always changes. 


Wow! This is amazing! And your previous comment too. I completely agree with you. Sometimes when I write, I just know and feel that it is good, but I don't allow that feeling to be more than a hope without outside confirmation. Again, this is wonderful. 

Mafi Grey

Thank you, I must say that when it comes to having someone hearing you piece of work. Sometimes it like you want to have it a secret, that you write this poem and leave it out in the open of the universe for everyone to see but hope they never see it. That it's just something untouched ans I feel that's what a painter feels when he keeps some their art and won't sell it. They don't want to give something of themselves away, especially when it's there secrets. I'm a artist among this world of creative and sometimes I just want to stay hidden but just notice, something seen but you can't have or yet either a secret but yet you can't tell. I'm always rethinking and changing myself, adapting to different people and my work changes every time I read it. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem because I enjoy and view it different every time I read it. It's changes it'd view and meaning to me as time goes on and as I experience more and different things...

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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