From the heavenly gates appears the ice crystal,

Journeying as if but a delicate angel.

The jewel appears from the clamorous clouds,

Each unique and on paths that are separately found.


Twirling with the changing winds,

Finding a place where its new life begins.

Floating as one gracefully sails,

The world hidden beneath a white wedding veil.


Each snowflake a symbol of God's creation,

Each individual uniting as one nation.

A timeless expression encases earth,

Nature experiencing a subtle rebirth.


The pureness of the world is restored to order,

There ceases to be any blemish of disorder.

The soft pillow that hugs every hill,

Causes the youth to shriek with the thrill.


Every footprint providing short term memories,

Singing thousands of sweet intimate melodies.

From the heavenly gates a snowflake appears,

If only the elegance did not have to disappear.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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