We must fight on

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 23:47 -- jamilac

I have never know what it's felt like to be heartbroken 

To be absolutely terrified of what's going to happen

I have never known what it's like to live a life afraid 

in fear for my life, my saftey

Not knowing what day will be my last 

Not knowing what's to come


Today I now know that pain

I now know what it's like to be so terrified you want to cry yet no tears will come out

Perhaps what I'm feeling isn't heartbreak but maybe disappointment 

Or maybe it's a combination of both

All I can honestly say is that at this point

I just want it to stop 

To go away leave and never ever come back

My heart hurts so much

The worst feeling about this heartbreak is 

This feeling is one that I knew was coming 

I braced myself for it 

But what can you do when even you can't prevent the damage heading your way


I don't know what going to happen but I do know this

Tonight was a night to go down in the books 

Mr. Donald trump won

He won he won he won

I don't know what else I can say to make this pain not last for another day

I feel nothing is real as if time is in its own standstill

I want peace and order to come our way 

But perhaps I won't see that for many days 

I am not ready 

But then again is anyone when they know their life won't be speared

This feeling inside has shaken us to our very core

yet still we could not go out and do more

Give support make a change

I guess we will have to wait until the next election campaign 

My heart hurts 

My soul is broken

I am nothing but a lost girl wanting to help make right in this world

And I wish I knew how

I wish I knew how

I wish I could fix this

I wish I could tell you things will be alright

But quite honestly all I know is 

That these next four years will be a fight

Filled with nothing but anger inside

We won't stand by and abide

I think it's time we all became more

than  bystanders on the sidelines



This poem is about: 
Our world