Sat, 04/14/2018 - 05:31 -- Aaliah

We're the generation that the world calls lost!
We're the generation that the elders put hope into us
We were the ones who were meant to make a difference
Yet we're too scared of all the hate and negative situations and the controversy over internet relations!
The time of voicing our opinions is over! Enough is enough to all the regulations
From all over the world to woman's rights and LGBTQ+ rights
To slavery in this "2k18" generation, To the black lives that matter, To the gun regulations, To the little children who know more than just their innocence, To the mass murders and hate supporters, To the educators that take away our education and leave us in mass debt to pay just to have the right to live in these nations, To the extreme motivators that drive a nation into extremist nature, To the mass cullings of not only nations but also entire species, and To the food distributors who sleep sound at night knowing about all the unborn lives, and To the laws and violations that take away entire cultures and sacred traditions and take away parts of ancestral lands, and To the soldiers who are brought to the children who have right in a country of their own origin or the ones just trying to simply be a part of a good life, To the minds who regulate thoughts into one filtered alteration, of more hate more murder more fighting to solve a problem more guns more armor more explosions and more devastation!
Don't come to me saying that it's all for your rights for your safety for your next generations
Don't tell me that fighting this world with communication isn't going to solve our problems or is just that the 5% who run this globe are all the illiterates who don't have the ability to reason!
We are the generation who abadonded gods
who are living our own lives without a cause,
we're the ones who gave up
The ones who just thought it's all going to fuck anyways so why not live in a generation who ignores all the pain and closes off to an escape of mass media and anticipations!
We've forgotten how to feel how to express passion and share what is real
We've lost what it means to be a part of something more than ourselves to be part of what you fight so hard just to give your ancestors some consolation!
When we don't know the half of what they actually stood for, and why do we still stand fighting for the same cause they hoped we'd never be caught up in!
The time for this ranting is done it's time for us to stand together and rise up and take this mass communication to our advantage and not scroll past and see another "activist person" who is just calling out what we already know,
It's time for us to come forth and prove that we're not just calling out the devastation,
It's time for us to stop repeating the next internet sensation
And rewrite history as the generation who made the talk about change actually happen!
To let information that means something take over the memes and the apathy of our generation!
We have so many objectifications to the apostles and the old ways and the science behind all things and now come to the fucking realisation that we don't understand love: and that when we stand aside were part of the problems that are all just history repeating and it's not just the divided nations,
Take a step back and stand up and make a difference.

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My family
My community
My country
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