Welcome to the Fucked Up Generation

We. Are. Dying.

Welcome to hell! 

Welcome to the fucked up generation

of pill poppers

and suicidal kids

and anxiety

and mental illness

Welcome to our 3 AM

our 2: 20 PM

our suicide letters 

and our cashmere

and our Cluless goals

Welcome to the kids who are suckers

for the darkest cultre

we flip through Lolita

and Johnny Got His Gun

and The Outsiders

Because we have never related more to literature

than in these books

even though

we did not drive the states twice with a crazed pedophile like Dolores

or have our body blown to just a torso and half a face like Jon

and we didn't let bullets peirce us like pins under a streetlamp like Dallas

but we are tormented too

we are rape victims

and we are awarded medals for something arbitrary to smooth the rough edges of our situation

and we are filled with the sorrow of a boy who grew up too rough

and we all cry

for ourselves

for our friends

our lovers

our world

we are all dying



This poem is about: 
Our world


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