Welcome To My world.....


Welcome to my world,

Where school is a prison, prison is a job, and well, love is as useful as the gum on the bottom of your shoe.

Welcoome to my world of discrimination, crime, suspense, and stupidity.

Where children don't understand the value of being a "house nigga."

Where nigga comes off as a slang term.


Education becomes an option and money is just "something to blow."

Where struggling to survive is no longer a fight. a struggle, but a game.

Welcome to the game of life.

Where stories are only half told books have failed to be written and unspoken words float away like the clouds we see at night.

Misery is bittersweet and well happiness takes a whole new meaning,

Friends become acquantainces and family is just another word for option,

Where disrepecting our elders has become the life of the party,

Life is no longer valued and a quick pop to the head means you have to retaliate instead of paying respect where respect is due.

Giving a life is just as easy as taking one.

Welcome to my world,

A prison that we have created for our own forced to revolve around the what ifs and what could have been.


To a place that im not even sure I can call home anymore,

To a place where life itself can't even escape from.


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