What is in an Amber?

Amber is not a unique name
but every Amber is unique
This Amber that i am describing 
 is me
just me
but what makes me…
Do i go off stats?
my 2.8 GPA?
my 32B cup size?
What makes me?
On the outside its my dyed golden blonde hair
so people can look at it and say “your name is Amber like the color of your hair”
its the square rimmed glasses around my face 
it helps me appear knowledgeable.
it helps me see
its how people recognize me.
i am not perfect not even close.
i embrace my physical qualities because i am beautiful.
Sometimes i look in the mirror 
and its hard to see my beauty
even with my glasses on
thats when i look within myself.
where my true beauty lies
Where the love i have for humanity grows abundantly
Inside i find new ways to love people
Inside is where my laugher and silliness meet to pass on the power of joy to strangers i meet
that turn into friendships
Deep within myself i am fearless
i have hope
I am creative and empathic
i am a sponge that soaks up your tears and sadness
I am average
i am uncertain
and i am ok
more than ok
I am special in my own way.
Like every being in the universe
I have purpose.


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