What America needs

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 00:06 -- EML9061

People say that America is still the land of opportunity

Sure, but who’s it for?

For the rich ones who have everything, while others work in a payless job?

People say that America is great because we are a nation of dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and doers.

Only for the descendants of America

To be an American is to become an American

You need to refuse your nationality to be part of America

Because difference is not an option

People say that America is great because her people are good

Then why is it everywhere I go I only see hate?

People say that America welcomes immigrants

Then why do they close their doors?
If America is the greatest country in the world
Why is there prejudice and discrimination against other cultures

If America is great,

Then why does America have a leader who expands hatred and fear to people who are not like him?

People say America is the best

But actions are greater than words

The only thing I see is

that America ONCE was great and now is going down the drain

The only solution for America to again be the best is to have an open mind and don’t limit people in their dreams

After all, we all came here for the American dream.



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