What to do now?

This is a peom about my thoughts as I was waiting for my first job interview. I was so nervous! 


What to do now?

As I wait to begin

It’s only 10 mixtures

But 10 minutes too long

Do I review my topics?

Do I practice my breathing?

Should I go and check myself in the mirror?

No too stupid, I want to look professional.

So, what do I do?

Do I take a good mint?

Should I walk around?

Is it too awkward if I put some more lipstick on?

Yeah probably. It would show them I’m vain and unprepared.

SO, what can I do?

Maybe I can walk around?

Or maybe take a nap?

Would it be alright is I stretch out?

No. That would show my anxiety. I want to be cool.

So, what do I do?

How much time is left?

Did I arrive-

Oh, look I’ve been called in.

I guess I knew what to do!


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