What Happened to Our Friendship?

I stand alone in a crowded hall

My hands clenched tightly together, I breathe in to calm my nerves

I open my mouth to speak your name but I can't make the words fall

So turning my head, I look the other way and quietly observe


You brushed me off quicker than a lightening strike

And left me wondering what happened to the time we spent together?

You said we'd always be the best of friends even though we weren't alike

I thought we would last forever like two birds of a feather


Yet you changed over the years and slowly left me behind

So now I sit back and watch you from afar trying hard not to cry

Wishing for things to be different hoping time would freeze and rewind

Back to the days we spent laughing and talking under the same sky


I was too naive, believing that we could be close once more

That despite our differences now we could somehow get along

Be like sisters who tell each other everything without closing the door

On the other's precious dreams but again I was wrong


So now I won't try to fix this broken friendship

Because you wanted to please him more than me

Instead I'll hold my head up high and hide my lonely expression

I've moved on and let you go in order to discover the kind of friend I want to be



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