What Have We Become

Everyone you see

Fake smile,

Dried eyes,

Gun at their side,

Long sleeves hiding scarred wrists,

Pain deep inside.


Everyone sees these everywhere

But does anyone care

Population going down

Ropes being tied

Guns being shot

People turning dark

Blindness to all of the above


What has become of this world

And the people inside

As more and more die

Not from old age

But from their deep pain

That no one could heal

So they took their life in trade for relief

From lies and rumors spread

Causing that of the dead


People hurting others more than known

Madness inside their head

Put to sleep in final bed

Hurt, pain, regrets and sorrows

Worsening with no tommorow

No one can see behind their fake smile

The tears their holding back

Nor the chains holding them down

Nor the rope around their neck


Watch closer

You will see

People see this more than me

Haters, bullies, murderers, all the same

For no one is playing a game

Only the game of life continues 'till

The hurt inside turns still

Watch them all going down

Have you had enough to see?

Imagine people who feel this pain still

'Till they pull the trigger

Or tie the rope

Or jump in the river


Watch your words

Watch your actions

See their responce

See them say their fine

While seeing the pain in their eyes

Watch the hurt inside

Watch the knife hit skin

The bullet hit skull

The rope tighten

The breath stopping

Their life ending


It is true, nothing lasts forever

But why make it end sooner?

Why drive someone innoccent mad?

Why make them feel enternal pain?

And all those close

Is it because of their clothes?




Or simple dislike?

No good reasons, to make someone want to end their life


Once or twice

Have I too tried

To take my life away

But them closest always pull me back

Then I watch them try the same

But I was not there to pull them back as they did me

I have regrets of this

Even though I might not have been much help

I wish I could talk to them again

Just one more word

But none have I heard





Author's note: If anyone of you out there is bullied, abused, hated, and such, please don't end your life. And if you sometimes say mean things or do mean actions, please say you are sorry before it is too late. People out there DO care about you, even though it may seem otherwise. I lost a close friend lately because they were bullied severly in school and commited suiside to take away the pain they got everyday. I know a lot of bullying may be unintensional, but you have to pay close attention to stuff like that. So many people in this world have been lost because they couldn't bear the pain they felt anymore, and NO ONE deserves that pain and hurt or to think about suiside. So, please, don't bully, don't end your life, you only have one. And if you know anyone with depression, or who is bullied a lot, don't laugh or make fun of them, try and help them and protect them, don't make people want to end their life, try and let them continue it. Thank you for reading this.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Thank you.

Cutter Girl


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