What I see?

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 23:46 -- EML9061

I once felt ashamed to be who I am, because I thought being different was not normal.

I felt embarrassed speaking, my native language.
I tried to hide my difference to the world.
I saw how people discriminated other people who are different

I thought coming here was going to help me achieve my dreams more successfully than if we stayed in Peru.

I thought having an education in the United States was going to be worth it for all the sacrifice my mom made.

I thought that Americans were going to be more accepting to other cultures

I thought in achieving the famous American dream that everybody talks about

I thought that nothing was going to limit my opportunities no matter my color of my skin or the language that I spoke.

I thought I was coming to a land where they receive change

I heard a lot of positive things about America but I didn’t expect the reality that lies into those words of  false promises.

I’m from a world of broken dreams

In where my dreams can’t be accomplish because of all the discrimination I had face.

Thinking on what makes America seem so great?

When people shows their ugly side.

People say that in America welcomes immigrants.
Then why they close their doors to the ones who needed the most?
If America is the greatest country in the world

Then why is it everywhere I go I only see hate towards other people.

I once thought that America was great were Martin Luther King JR made the famously speech of equality

That what we need right now is to open the America eyes one more time and let them see what is really going on.

Only by doing that america can be great for everyone equally.

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My community
My country
Our world
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