What Involves Success?

Inspiration involves dedication

Dedication involves passion

Passion involves love

For something that is too above


What lies above involves a goal

A Goal involves diligence

Diligence involves conscientiousness

Conscientiousness involves vigilance

For times that are not your best chance


With bad times involves depression

Depression involves sadness

Sadness involves discouragements

Discouragements involves reprimand

For something that is too high to demand


However demand involves need

Need involves or can lead to greed

Greed involves selfishness

Selfishness involves profit

But success won't budge for it


In order to budge, it involves courage

Courage involves drive

Drive involves a spark

A spark involves a goal

A line that will definitely cost a toll


A toll involves sacrifice

A sacrifice involves worth

Worth involves bravery

Bravery involves daring

To the path that shows no caring


However caring involves love

Loves involves passion

Passion involves dedication

Dedication involves inspiration

In your dire need for continuation


Continuation you may ask

What will that involve?

Something keeps you going

Until you used it all

Every step in life you take

There is something always at stake

But never think any step in life is useless

Because every step in life can equal success.....


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