What is Love?


What is Love? A craving desire that I’ve once hadA longing feeling that was once thereBut…now gone?What is Love?Is it my willingness to please her?Or maybe it’s my obsession to have her once againPerhaps it’s my indecisiveness  Or the feeling of having an unrequited loveLove can be deceitful But it could also be a beautiful feelingSo Gatsby…What is Love?His love for her was like no otherHe strives to be the best in order to approach herBut what is it enough? Her flawless angelic skin seems delicate to othersHer voice as thrilling as it can beLike a siren in the sea Her bright and passionate eyes seem to capture his soulAnd that’s all it took to lure him in once againBut was it all worth it in the end? The life of another lies in the palm of her handsThe life of another hanging on by a single strandSo Gatsby…What is Love?Daisy.Her name was DaisyAnd she was his LoveThe beginning and ending of his lifeThe fading memories and heartache of his lifeHer name was DaisyAnd she was his Love                                                  -Aaliyah McCall  

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