What is LOVE?


Love is a bond that we both share. Love is not just found anywhere. This word "love" may be small, but it's power is like a stone wall. When you're in love, you go through pain. If it's real love, you will remain. No matter what, you will get through. Because you love them, and they love you. Love is great, once it arrives. When you're in love, you hate good-byes. Even though I'm a young age, love has already hit the stage. Now that I've found love, I'm ready for the next page. We fuss and fight, day and night. But the love assures, that everthing will be alright. The past two years, have been good and bad. But I'm here to tell you, that love is the best thing I've ever had. How can a person be too young for love? Love doesn't have an age limit. Who says it does? When you're in love, you have to stay strong. Sometimes you and boo, may not get along. Even if you leave, love will stay. Love will take what's missing and put it back in place. A break up may happen, once or twice. But that just gives you, something to realize. You'll realize that love, is not a game. You'll realize that love, involves joy and pain. Getting back together, means that you can do it. Working together means, that you will get through it. Communication and trust, are vital in it. Love is not something, easy to forget. You go to hell and back, for the one you love. You go through it with the help of our God above. Without the Lord, a couple would not be. His power is what causes a passion so deep. 12/23/11 is my anniversary. Love has truly been good to me. Through ups and downs, it's stayed by my side. My love for my girlfriend stretches far and wide. She is a beautiful angel, sent from above. She will always be my only love. Love is a special bond, that brings two people together as one. I know there's love for you, somewhere under the big bright  sun.

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