what my ignorance taught me


-That's true.


-Yes I agree, but not entirely...

You're saying this because you're white

-I'm saying this because I have the right.

I see videos of cops killing for no reason, no matter the season, THIS IS TREASON

-Some of those videos don't show you the truth, the internet hides things

So you're saying "ALL LIVES MATTER?!" My ancestors were SLAVES

-I'm sorry if I-

I get judged just for my skin, before I even speak, before I can breathe!

-I don-

Why me I say?

Together: Why me I say. We have the same bones underneath from our head to our feet. We fall in love only to end in defeat. We have a mouth that can speak the same words, or the same hands that can pull a trigger to kill... Why me? Why a color? Why a race? "America the Free" America was never free for me. I wonder why the world chose the color black. The color of an African American's skin. I hate saying that I'm black because the world wants to attack. But they're forgetting the fact that I am a person not a color. I speak words and I breathe air. And I am here to tell you black lives matter and I'll leave it there.




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