What is Sober?

What is Sober?

Sober like fresh oxygen; like recognizing the earth as it rotates?

I'm not sure. Sober like feeling a horses spine underneath my fingertips.

Sober like understanding a divison between real and fake.

Like crying for hours on end because you've lost what kept you alive and

you're about to lose it for a second time?

Sober the way I used to pay attention in class, because I wanted to learn?

Sober as the drive to Virginia, that was scenic and covered in waves of green promise.

Sober the way I've buried all the pain with strong shulders instead of a flickering flame?

Even if all he did was make a home in your bruised thighs on the weekends

and couldnt remember how you got them. 

Sober as if galloping through glass alone wasnt enough.

Like when you kissed for the first time and remebered all love had to offer. 

Or the time you laughed when you enjoyed more than just her company.

When you watched the strength thrive in a hoofbeat on

bones people never thought they'd see grow. Just as the withdrawl kicks in,

you weigh your options. Keep filling your veins with unnatural causes or 

natural disasters. Where you felt the sheild you hid behind

as father shouted at his wife because she wasnt quick enough to move.

Or enjoy a moment for the sheer memory. Listening to songs with words of healing

and a hand soft enough to pick up your pieces. 

A person, of veins, blood and body scars. A person who sees the good in 

you that hasn't surfaced in two years. 

What is sober?





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