What Those Eyes See


When I was just a kid they told me that I was flawless.

No baggage, No past, No bad decisions.

They said I was the cutest little boy and would never fuss.

No crying, No acting-out, No rude behavior.

They said I was the nicest friend and had the brightest smile.

No broken relationships, No bad days, No tears of sadness.

They said I was perfect in every way and they could count on me to be so.

No lying, No lost days, No disappointments.


They said I was flawless when I was just a kid...

Now there's baggage, a past and bad decisions were made.

They tell me now I got an ugly side of me and am disrespectful at times.

Now there's crying, acting out and rude behavior going around.

They tell me now I'm selfish, unconcerned with others and wonder where that smile went.

Now there's broken relationships, bad days and tears forming a puddle around me.

They ask me why can't I be perfect like the other kids?

Now there's lying, days lost with them and disappointments that won't be forgotten.


But ever since I was a kid, they tell me that I am flawless...


I love you Mom and Dad.

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